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11 Woodspring Court
North Augusta, SC 29860

Most prices are negotiable on per job basis. Let us quote your next project.

Network Installation

Wireless or cable installation of computer network for your office and/or home.

PC Systems Repair and Upgrades

We will fix your systems hardware or software problems regardless of the operating systems. We work on Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, UNIX, and  Linux. Work rate is $65/Hour.

DVD/CD ROM Mastering and Data Archiving

We provide CD ROM Mastering and CD Audio Masters with high quality performance. CALL US NOW!!!

VHS Video Tape to DVD Conversion

We can covert your video tape to DVD Video for as low as $30.00

Broken VCR Tape! No problem!    Each splice for tapes will occur a fee and will lose of video around the splice.

Digital Photography and Digital Video

We can provide digital still photography for many applications as well as digital video. This will be priced on a project basis.

Photo and Graphic Scanning

Many formats can be provided such as: ADI, BMP, CDR, CGM, CLP, CUT, DIB, DRW, DXF, EPS, EFX, GEM, GIF, HGL, IFF, IMG, JPG, JIF, LBM, MAC, MSP, PBM, PCD, PCX, PIC, PLT, PNG, PSD, RAS, RAW, RLE, SFW, TIF, TGA, WMF, and WPG. Prices drop as low as $0.07 /scan. These will be 600dpi color scans. For additional fees, higher resolution scans can be provided. The source of the desired scanned images should be provided in a paper or photo format.

Note: The higher the resolution, the larger disk space the file will occupy. A 16.7 million color and 800dpi scan for a 4"x4" scan area can yield a 33 Megabyte file size in an uncompressed format. This kind of high-resolution graphic image will be produced on a CD-ROM end product and the price will include the CD-ROM mastering fee.

Video Digitizing

MP4, MPG, MPG-2, RM, AMF, TS, MOV, AVI and other video formats. Price based on a per job basis.

Audio Digitizing & Mastering

Can convert audio from many sources to a digital format. Let us archive your important audio. Can process sound and clean-up noise as well. We have capabilities for full sound production for many purposes such as multi-media, CD Authoring, Soundtrack development, audio CD mastering, studio recording, media conversion etc.

Web Page Development

Due to the varying capabilities that can be provided on a web page, these will be quoted on a per job basis after the scope of work has been defined. We can build Web Pages that contain graphics, photos, video, audio, midi, animated GIF's, Java programs, CGI scripts, counters, e-mail link, links to other sites and scrolling marquees. As an additional service we can publish your URL on the major WWW Search Engines to ensure that the word gets out about your business. We provide quality HTML code that ensures your page to be as close to the top of a search engine search as possible.

OCR Services

This service should be competitively priced with the fees that a typing service would provide. The benefit is better accuracy.

Digital Reflections will not plagiarize works. We will provide legal backup copies of works that fall within the laws and regulations of such acts or media storage and presentations for original works. We only charge for the service of digitizing media and the cost of providing the images to our customers in a suitable format. We expect our customers to obtain legal rights to duplicate work(s) or to obtain the expressed permission where applicable.

Digital Reflections, LLC | Clinchfield Photo Page | HOTLINKS!

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